Their team of dedicated consultants brought forward high-end proposals from diverse backgrounds, offering me a plethora of choices to consider. This not only made the process incredibly smooth but also ensured that I found the perfect match that resonated with my values and aspirations.

Vishal Kumar

Rishta Mubarak's ability to cater to a wide spectrum of clients, from celebrities to high-ranking officials and even members of royal families, truly impressed me. Their commitment to treating each candidate with exceptional care is commendable. I felt valued, respected, and understood throughout the entire process.


Today, I find myself in a marriage that I could only have dreamed of, and I owe it all to Rishta Mubarak Canada – USA. If you're seeking a matrimonial service that not only connects you with a life partner but also values your unique preferences and aspirations, look no further. Rishta Mubarak is the epitome of professionalism and expertise in the world of matchmaking.

John Desuza

What truly sets Rishta Mubarak apart is the leadership of JOHN DESUZA, who boasts an impressive 25+ years of experience in this field. His expertise and dedication shone through as he effortlessly understood my preferences and tirelessly worked to find the proposal I had been dreaming of. It was reassuring to know that someone with such a profound understanding of matchmaking was at the helm.