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Saba Seyed runs a Marriage Bureau in US-Canada. She has been running this Rishta Mubarak USA for over a decade. Saba claims she has done successful matchmaking of hundreds of couples. She says that people are usually suspicious of most marriage bureaus due to the fear of fraud but she aims to change this image. Finding a perfect match for a man and a woman is a challenging task and Saba wants to make it easier for everyone. Watch the complete videos for advice that might be helpful for the people who are looking for a nice proposal.

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If you wish to marry someone who belongs to an old royal family with spectacular poise and unmatchable sophistication, the Elite Matrimonial Service by Rishta Mubarak will definitely work for you!



A lot of people search for highly educated, well-settled, and like-minded partners from the same ethnicity, culture, and religion, who also live abroad. If you live in Pakistan and long to marry someone



If you are an accomplished individual who wants to marry into an affluent family, our reliable Elite Matrimonial Service is perfect for you as we are accustomed to excellence. At Rishta Mubarak,

High Officials

High Officials

Whether you are looking to marry into a family of governors, MNAs or bureaucrats, you can find proposals of high officials belonging to the privileged class of Pakistan at the platform of Rishta Mubarak.

The Most Trusted Matrimonial Service in Pakistan

About Us

The Most Trusted Matrimonial Service in Canada-USA

Rishta Mubarak Canada – USA is the most trusted matrimonial service in the countries. We understand your unique needs when it comes to the long-term, valued, significant, loving, and pious relationship of marriage. High-end proposals from different walks of life are offered by our dedicated and professional team of consultants to make sure that you get to live an incredibly beautiful and peaceful married life, full of purpose.


The massive responsibility of connecting people and facilitating marriage is handled by Muhammad Ali, Director of Rishta Mubarak Canada – USA and Elite Matrimonial Service who has almost 25+ years of experience in meeting the expectations of countless people by finding them the proposals they were looking for. From celebrities to high officials, from royal to overseas proposals – there is nothing we don’t cater to. If you want to spend the rest of your life with a celebrity, a high official or a member of a royal family, you have landed on the right page. At our organization, all marriage candidates are treated in an exceptional manner as we value your special preferences and strive to find you nothing less than the best.

Matches are Made In Heaven; But are Celebrated On Earth.

A lot of people search for highly educated, well-settled, and like-minded partners from the same ethnicity, culture, and religion, who also live abroad.

If you live in Pakistan and long to marry someone who belongs to a particular kind of family or ethnicity and is settled abroad, we, at Elite Matrimonial Service, are ready to assist you in finding that special someone.

We focus on serving all candidates who are interested in marrying someone who lives overseas based on their unique preferences.

The services our experienced marriage consultants are going to offer you will exceed your greatest expectations and you will be able to settle down in absolutely no time at all.

We search for and provide to you high-end proposals according to your specific requirements, unlike in the traditional matchmaking methods.

Elite Matrimonial Service is spearheaded by the honored Director of Rishta Mubarak Pakistan and Elite Matrimonial Service who is going to offer personalized, one-on-one matchmaking consultancy to the marriage candidates.

The Elite Matrimonial Service is a personalized matchmaking service. Our esteemed Saba Tariq, will make sure that the background details of every candidate you are interested in are authentic. Innovative ways of searching for the truth will be used.

Our Director will act as a middle-person between both the marriage applicants and will facilitate each in seeking reliable data about the other.

Incredible photoshoot services, as well as wedding planning services, are offered to the couple, if and when needed.